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Interactive Scientific Ltd

Established in 2013, Interactive Scientific has grown to a strong team of 11 based in Bristol, made from a range disciplines such as chemists, physicists, artists, computer scientists and educators. The senior management team is made up of CEO Dr Becky Sage, CTO Phillip Tew and Founder/Scientific Consultant Dr David Glowacki.

At the heart of Interactive Scientific’s products are rigorous scientific simulations and models that drive global science research, and which strive to empower learners and researchers to reconnect the invisible science with real world scientific challenges.

iSci are always looking for creative and passionate individuals or companies to work with. If you are enthusiastic about science, technology or education and would like to get in touch about a possible collaboration, then please contact the team at [email protected]

Previous successful projects include danceroom Spectroscopy, a spectacular immersive digital experience which toured world-wide.

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