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IPROS CUBE provides solutions for many aspects of business performance. IPROS is focused on enabling business people to gain insight into their business processes when and where they need it in a form they can use right away. All our business solutions are delivered on the Internet Cloud, enabling the total cost of ownership to be reduced and information available in real time. The Assured Compliance solution provides a single reporting point for all outcome-based policy and compliance reporting and documentation, enabling businesses to assure and improve service quality and safety. The solution ensures that compliance and evidence of compliance is current and reliable across the organisation. The benefits of ensuring that audits are comprehensive and any location can be in shape for a regulatory audit inspection are hard to quantify but invaluable. Staff can spend more time engaged with people and less on administration. Costs of compliance and reputational risk can be markedly reduced by enabling focus on exceptions and bringing lagging units up to the standard of the best while reducing costs. Workflow Intelligence – reducing the cost of processes, improving service levels Service processes like claims management are often slow because there is far too much “work in progress”. When processes are not efficiently managed, tasks can spend more than 90% of time waiting at different stages, substantially raising the cost of insurance claims and other processes. Our Workflow Intelligence template provides managers and supervisors with the capability to monitor and manage the work in progress of their departments, enabling improvements to processes based on real intelligence as to how they work and enabling redeployment of resources to clear backlogs quickly.

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