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LettUs Grow Ltd

LettUs Grow is a UK-based agricultural technology company that is revolutionising irrigation in vertical farms and informing the distribution of local, fresh produce. The LettUs Grow team is made up of a passionate group of scientists and engineers that combine 5 years of experience in urban agriculture with the technical and biological expertise required to successfully take LettUs Grow to market.
Our novel aeroponic technology has enabled us to design a growing bed 44% shallower than current solutions, which increases stacking efficiency within a vertical farm, yield per unit area, and therefore profit for the farmer. In aeroponics, instead of submerging plant roots in water, they are suspended in an oxygen-rich chamber containing a nutrient-dense mist. This results in higher plant growth rates, alongside up to 95% reductions in water usage versus open-field farming. LettUs Grow offer a seamless integration of vertical farming hardware, sensory data capture, and access to network-sourced data optimisation, all packaged together into a simple, but powerful, farm management solution for the urban farming industry. Fundamental system advantage will allow LettUs Grow to obtain significant market share in a $2 billion vertical farming market that is rapidly growing at 27% per annum.

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