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The business we are proposing to set-up, ModusNova, is a software company that develops innovative Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer products. Our distribution and revenue model is Software as a Service (SaaS).

We have been running a software development company in Turkey for over ten years. We have been working mostly with large enterprises, either through our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product or custom software. Recently we have decided to move to the UK to start a software company that utilizes our intellectual property (IP) to launch innovative products that scale globally.

Software industry is a fast-changing and growing one. A core problem software companies face is adopting to new developments and market needs quickly and in a cost-effective way. The intellectual property we are bringing with us to the UK consists of ready-made software modules that can be brought together easily to create different products; thus allows us to adopt to market conditions quickly.

Our vision is being one of the lead software companies in the UK with products that are recognised internationally. Having been accepted into UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme means that we will have considerable support to achieve this vision.

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