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Pulsenotes in an online medical revision service for undergraduates. Studying medicine is tough – there are many conditions and topics to learn, with a bewildering array of information and resources to choose from.

When medical students come to revise they must pore through mountains of books: one book for physiology, one for anatomy, one for pharmacology… the list goes on. What students need is a resource that brings these disparate educational elements together into one, easily digestible format. In recent years this problem has resulted in the emergence of a number of online revision services targeted at the undergraduate medical market. Though these services have enjoyed considerable success they have left students wanting in a number of crucial areas.

Although many have tried, no one service has perfected the transition from the printed word to the online environment. Generally speaking, the online medical resources available are inconsistent, poorly developed and visually lacking; compounded further by clunky and lifeless user interfaces. These deficiencies result in a wholly mediocre and un-stimulating online learning experience.

Designed from the ground upwards with the user in mind, Pulsenotes will offer intuitive and easily accessible learning experience for undergraduate medical students. We provide students with quality video lectures series, produced to our own high standards. We do away with complexity, delivering visually stunning videos, consistent quality and simple explanations. Building upon this, our question bank enables students to consolidate what they have learnt, whilst the accompanying lecture notes complement each video as a quick reference tool or a printable resource to take on-the-go.

Created by three medical students, we have a shared ambition – to simplify medial education. We-re passionate about medicine and the future of undergraduate education. For a number of years we have been involved in undergraduate teaching, and have regularly taught lectures to upwards of one hundred and fifty medical students. Through this experience we have developed a unique style and manner of teaching, which over the years we have tweaked and perfected. Ultimately, Pulsenotes represents the natural evolution of this shared passion.

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