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StatsBomb Services Ltd

StatsBomb Services was founded in January 2017 by Ted Knutson & Charlotte Randall, husband and wife team based in Bath. Ted is a global leader of football analytics and founder of the StatsBomb blog in 2014 – Ted has been at the forefront of football analytics R&D for at least a decade and has worked inside football clubs in the UK and in Denmark. Charlotte has the business experience running multi-million pound online projects across Retail & Sports Betting industries, along with an MBA.

The business was founded to provide football analytics expertise within the industry and equip clubs with easy-to-use analytics tools to improve their performance and productivity.

We have developed our own analytics software, StatsBombIQ, which we launched in February 2017 as a subscription service. We now have clubs using it across the English Championship, Bundesliga I, Ligue 1 and MLS, and is used at all levels from Owner/Manager through to Coaching & Analytics teams.

We also offer consultancy services providing expertise and statistical reports for manager recruitment, player recruitment and transfers as well as tactical analytics on Set Piece execution.

StatsBomb Services now has three full time employees – two developers and one analyst. Currently everyone is based from their respective homes, although our plans for 2018 include us expanding and we will soon be looking for a Bath office base!

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