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Synseer Limited

Synseer – meet less, achieve more.

Synseer is a SaaS collaboration platform for leaders, managers and their multiple stakeholders; bringing them together to shape decisions, make decisions and track progress – without waiting for a meeting; freeing them up to have more impact on the business, whilst keeping everyone on the same page. Our first major customer said of us: “Synseer proved for us that it was possible for a global team across multiple time zones to reach decisions in a third of the time, with a third of the effort, compared to our traditional methods.” Jaimini Lakhani, OD Director, British Council.

Our target market is knowledge workers in medium to large knowledge intensive businesses and departments. This is a £10bn+ market opportunity. Our primary market has 5.5m potential licence holders in the US and UK alone. We are gaining early traction amongst leadership teams and project managers in growth companies, multi-national companies, utilities and education/research.

Synseer is a secure, scalable, SaaS product for enterprises. It provides a unique “digital room” for each business issue, so that there is a single source of the truth and audit trail on key decisions. Decisions are made in a third of the time and effort of live meetings. We “land” in a business through field & web sales and then expand with in-app purchases of additional licenses by guest users.

Synseer focuses on tactical and strategic decision-making, typically conducted in meetings. Other collaboration tools focus on operational knowledge exchange and planning. Our chief competitor is therefore live meetings.

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