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Tivarri/Cranberry UK

Cranberry is a cutting edge software and hardware development business that prides itself in creating disruptive business technologies that turns conventional thinking on its head.

In December 2007 Cranberry redefined Green Computing with the release of the SC20 Smart Client Computer, the world’s most efficient Windows compatible desktop business computer. The SC20 consumes just 10% of the power of a conventional PC whilst delivering the performance required in a business environment.

In August 2008 Cranberry released FreshDeployTM a technology that allows a computer to be dynamically deployed by calling home over the Internet, receiving instructions, then configuring itself ready for use without human intervention. In June 2009 Cranberry launched FreshBootTM a software application that does not require patching or updating but makes a Microsoft Windows computer immune from viruses and spyware. Cranberry is currently developing the SC30 Smart Client computer. A new class of computer that bridges the gap between thin clients and desktop computers whilst providing the business functionality of both. The SC30, like the SC20 is a small footprint, fanless, low powered device that has been designed to operate both within a conventional office setting and environmentally challenging environments. The computer includes both FreshDeployTM and FreshBootTM technologies as standard and leverages recent developments in Cloud computing technologies such as the ability to blend applications that run both locally and remotely into a single common desktop.

Cranberry CEO, Simon Ponsford is widely recognised as Europe’s leading expert in Thin and Smart Client computing, he speaks regularly on the history and future of centralised computing and application virtualisation. Simon is the former CTO of Flexion Systems Inc, a California based IT start-up company and was voted number 29 in Silicon.comÕs IT Worldwide Agenda Setters where they said he was ‘A champion of ‘green’ causes who speaks regularly on both computing and environmental issues, Ponsford stands apart as one of the individuals bringing green computing to life’.

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