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CW (Cambridge Wireless), Knowledge Transfer Network & TM Forum partner to run the UK 5G Innovation Network

CW is the lead partner for a winning consortium which includes the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and the TM Forum. This consortium has been chosen by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), to create and deliver the national 5G Innovation Network (see press notice “The next steps towards the 5G Future” released 19-12-2017)

The 5G Innovation Network will bring together and market the UK’s 5G eco-system – including the national DCMS Testbed & Trials programme along with other business-led 5G initiatives. It will also work with the Department of International Trade (DIT) on a conduit for overseas partners wishing to invest in UK 5G.

The strength of the partnership comes from its credibility and impartiality in establishing independent networks of organisations developing 5G technologies in the UK and beyond. CW have a varied and established network of companies across the UK technology market encompassing a range of technology verticals. KTN’s national and cross-sector reach gives them an unrivalled convening power across a network of over 90,000 organisations and businesses. TM Forum brings together over 850 member companies and 100,000 professionals representing the global telecommunications industry.

Nik Willetts, CEO of TM Forum commented on its involvement as a delivery partner in the 5G Innovation Network: “TM Forum is delighted to play a key role in the development of the UK5G Innovation Network, which is underpinned by our commitment to connect digital ecosystems in a variety of settings around the world. Exposing this learning in the UK and amplifying experience from the UK to the rest of the world is at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to working with CW, KTN and 5G-In’s partner organisations on establishing the UK’s position as a leading developer of 5G technology.”

In the recent DCMS 5G Prospectus, Matt Hancock (Minister of State for Digital) comments on the importance of 5G, stating “the 5G Testbeds & Trials Programme will harness the power of fast changing technology and further the UK’s leadership”. The report explains how the programme will make use of areas where the UK has a competitive advantage such as engineering talent, and its rich ecosystem of relevant technology companies, both large and small.

Due to launch in early 2018 the UK5G Innovation Network will support this phased activity, including the numerous private sector 5G projects and other relevant government funded projects. It will operate autonomously from Government and at its heart will be an independent Advisory Board, which will inform and review the operations of the Network, provide a leadership focus for the UK 5G ecosystem, and provide advice to Government as it further develops national 5G programmes.

The UK5G Innovation Network seeks to facilitate innovation partnerships, deliver a national calendar of events which will be aimed at both the technology supply-side and the stimulation of industry demand, support 5G inward investment opportunities, and provide a regular source of news and information from the UK 5G ecosystem, all of this operating under a recognised UK 5G brand.

Along with CW (Cambridge Wireless), Knowledge Transfer Network and the TM Forum, the consortium has engaged three Associate Partners including the Digital Catapult, Real Wireless Ltd and DG Cities Ltd.  The wider 5G community – such as the University of Surrey, Bristol and King’s College are all in support.

Chris Warkup, CEO of KTN comments on the newly formed partnership: “KTN is looking forward to developing the UK5G Network’s reach across the UK to join up telecoms tech providers with industrial demand from many different sectors. An independent, impartial Network to share information and to encourage industry-led collaboration gives the UK a great opportunity to be a world leader in 5G services.”

CEO of CW Bob Driver comments further on the news announcement saying “This is a fantastic opportunity for the UK to build and enhance its position in the implementation of the next generation of mobile communication – and the end-goal is to help these technologies rapidly transform our societies and economic performance. CW is known for its rich mix of members and supporters so to be able to engage the CW community in this significant innovation programme is a huge opportunity both for the CW organisation and for its membership. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress during the coming months.”

To register interest in the 5G UK Innovation Network please email [email protected]

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