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Digital TV Labs Becomes DLNA Independent Certification Vendor

Digital TV Labs Becomes DLNA Independent Certification Vendor

Bristol, UK – 24th April 2013: Digital TV Labs, global leaders in specialised digital media conformance tools, test services and professional services, has today announced that it is now a DLNA accredited Independent Certification Vendor (ICV) for products wishing to comply with the increasingly popular home networking standard.

Established in 2003 and having grown in importance since, DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance – was set up to define interoperability guidelines to enable sharing of digital media between multimedia devices. Based on published standards, DLNA’s tight Guidelines allow CE manufacturers and software vendors to ensure interoperability of home networked devices.

Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, says, “Of course to guarantee DLNA interoperability, the industry requires a rigorous test and certification program, which has been established. Digital TV Labs is very pleased to now be offering DLNA Certification services to further broaden the wide range of testing services covering multiple consumer electronics standards currently provided by our lab.”

DLNA technology enables multi-branded digital products to interoperate and share digital content, making it easier for consumers to connect and enjoy their digital content. The DLNA Certification is beneficial to all technology companies, from chipset vendors and consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers to application providers and service operators. CE manufacturers and application providers benefit from DLNA Certification as consumers increasingly look to purchase devices and software with the DLNA Certified logo. Service operators look to DLNA Certification as a way to ensure their subscribers can maximise the accessibility and portability of their content and therefore its value within the home.

Andi Hall, Director of Technical Operations at DLNA, said, “More consumers are embracing a fully connected, digital lifestyle, where they expect seamless interoperability between products. The high service levels and technical competence provided by Digital TV Labs as an accredited ICV will enhance the DLNA Certification Program as it continues to grow.”

Potter says, “We see the importance and changing trend in consumer consumption of content via home networked devices. Appointment as a DLNA ICV builds on our growing reputation as a provider of testing services, tools and test suites for connected devices and enables us to enter new markets such as mobile, tablet and gaming devices, including software/app development community that cater to these segments.”

Achieving DLNA ICV status builds on work that Digital TV Labs has done for DLNA in developing test streams to be used as part of the latest DLNA test suite utilised for Certification.

With offices in Asia and Europe and test services covering Europe, Australasia, ASEAN, Africa and South America, Digital TV Labs’ international reach is unrivalled. 

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