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DocCom and SETsquared welcome start-up innovators to Bristol

DocCom and SETsquared welcome start-up innovators to Bristol

Mission visit to Bristol, Friday 5 August 2011

Bristol University’s SETsquared incubator unit for innovative new technology businesses is today the venue for a get-together of some of the UK’s leading young technology companies.  Prominent amongst these will be a number of new Bristol technology firms, including DocCom who have helped organise the visit.

In January 2011 SETsquared-based healthcare technology company DocCom was identified by the UK Technology Strategy Board as one of the UK’s top 20 emerging health tech companies.  This resulted in DocCom being invited to participate in the UK Trade and Investment’s “Future Health Mission” trip to Silicon Valley USA, where the best of new British healthcare technology was showcased to the American high tech and investor communities.

Together with the organisers of the Silicon Valley trip (Polecat and The Co-Sponsorship Agency), and their Bristol landlord (SETsquared), DocCom are now a host for a similar Technology Mission from London to Bristol.  The trip is aimed at bringing together innovative, entrepreneurial technology companies for a day of ideas exchange, as well as allowing out-of-town technology firms to see first-hand what gives Bristol its reputation as a breeding ground for technology innovation and successful start-up businesses.

Oli Barrett, senior account manager for Polecat, said: “London companies need to get out more.  Bristol is a fantastic city and home to some great companies.  This is a one-day “mission” which will help companies based in London and Bristol to meet, share and plot together”.

Dr Jonathon Shaw, co-founder of DocCom, said: “Bristol is always an exciting place for ideas-led new technology companies, and today we are really pleased to have the chance to give our London-based innovator friends a taste of that atmosphere. SETsquared is the obvious place to host any coming together of the brightest and best in emerging UK technology companies, as they are noted for the support and encouragement given to emerging South West technology businesses like DocCom or Brightpearl.  We are looking forward to a stimulating day of shared ideas and best entrepreneurial practice, as well as an opportunity to show off Bristol’s new technology credentials”.

Nick Sturge, head of the SETsquared business incubator unit, said: “We are in the business of concentrating bright new technology businesses under one roof and providing the conditions in which they can grow.  Our focus in firstly on emerging South West innovators, but we are pleased to welcome today’s visitors to Bristol where we can encourage a wider exchange of ideas as well as demonstrate the kind of support the South West provides to home-grown talent”.

In addition to DocCom, new technology companies and their followers expected to be participating in the Mission day include:

Viadeo, Coull, Netsight, Glow Creative, X-Digital, OneLeap, SubHub, Firebox, Level 29, The Sandpit, The Long Run Venture, Shell Livewire, Skyscanner, Brightpearl, NetTek Ltd, TechHub, The Filter, Like Minds, Cognac Systems, Plexus Technology Ventures, Churnbar Ltd, Cassie Robinson, WildIrishGuy Productions, The Mowgli Foundation, Conscious Solutions, Eden Ventures, Science City Bristol Ltd.

For further information contact:
For further information on DocCom, go to

Nick Sturge, Centre Director, SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre, University Gate East, Park Row, Bristol BS1 5UB, tel 07973 361 179 or email [email protected]

About the SETsquared Business Acceleration Centres

• The Bristol Business Acceleration Centre is part of the SETsquared Partnership (an enterprise partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey). In the last ten years, The Partnership has supported around 500 companies, helped raise more than £250m in capital and created over 1000 new jobs.  

• The Centres support early-stage, technology, high growth potential ventures both from within and outside the universities to accelerate their businesses. Each Centre provides entrepreneurs business mentoring and guidance, support to entrepreneurs and business professionals and office space.  

• Four out of every five ventures developed in the Partnership originate from the local communities. Over 50 ventures a year are supported with a network of more than 450-seasoned technology entrepreneurs, investors and support professionals.

• In November 2008, the Bristol SETsquared Centre won the prestigious UKBI “Established Business Incubator of the Year Award”.


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