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Accelerate growth with affordable Ansys Start-Up software

Accelerate growth with affordable Ansys Start-Up software

Access this exciting new opportunity for start-ups and scale-ups within the telecoms industry and adjacent sectors.

Faced with limited funding and revenue, tech-driven start-ups rely on prototyping to test and verify product performance. This, however, comes at a cost, requiring considerable financial and human resources which many simply cannot afford.

The Ansys Start-up Programme gives innovative businesses access to a suite of high-level, simulation software, for a heavily discounted rate. The software can be used across several functions including 3D design, acoustic analysis, photonics design, optics and VR, electronics and more, streamlining product development and accelerating innovation.

During our upcoming webinar, we’ll be exploring this ideal solution and how businesses can apply these tools to the telecoms sector, looking closely at how it can enable you to push boundaries and adopt simulation within your daily processes.

EDR Medeso is delivering this webinar for UKTIN Programme Platform members and high-tech companies outside of this network with an interest in engaging with the UKTIN Programme.


14:00 Introduction to Ansys and EDR Medeso

14:05 The Ansys Solution for the Telecoms Industry

14:10 What is the Ansys Startup Programme – what it offers and eligibility criteria

14:20 Our customers and the impact of the programme

14:45 Q&A

15:00 Webinar closes



Ansys Software

Ansys engineering simulation and 3D design software delivers product modelling solutions with unmatched scalability and a comprehensive multiphysics foundation. The open ecosystem between computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided engineering providers means Ansys software integrates seamlessly into existing platforms.


EDR Medeso

EDRMedeso is committed to driving innovation by providing leading simulation technologies delivered through knowledge transfer. Partnering with key innovators like Ansys, Neural Concept and Rescale, our comprehensive range of software solutions and services delivers customers maximum benefit.



Denis Purackal – Ansys Startup Program Manager at EDR Medeso (Ansys Elite Channel Partner)

Denis Purackal joined EDR Medeso, an Ansys Elite Channel Partner, in 2022. In his current role, Denis is dedicated to collaborating with startups in the UK through the Ansys Startup program. Denis brings his expertise and knowledge to help startups leverage Ansys technologies for their growth and success.


James Thomas – CEO and Founder of JET Engineering Systems Solutions

James Thomas, a mechanical engineering master’s graduate from Brunel University (2012), brings a wealth of experience from roles at companies like Ford Motor Company, Williams F1, Lockheed Martin, Ultra Electronics, and TP Group PLC. He’s also the founder of JET Engineering Services, a successful consultancy firm supporting various industries, including maritime, for the past 7 years. James now heads JET Engineering System Solutions (JET), pioneering 5G-connected technologies for maritime environmental, security, and safety improvements. Under his leadership, JET secured multiple 5G sea deployment contracts in just a few years, leveraging his extensive network.

Fatemeh Hoveizavi – Lead Application Engineer at EDR Medeso

Fatemeh specialises in advanced RF and microwave design utilizing ANSYS simulation tools. With expertise spanning high-frequency and low-frequency domains, she holds a Ph.D. in RF MEMS devices. Over a decade of professional experience has honed her skills in technical leadership, business development, and academic engagement. Her proficiency in designing complex RF and microwave systems, such as antennas, filters, and beam steering systems, showcases a deep understanding of electromagnetic principles. From her position as a Senior RF and Microwave Engineer to active involvement in research projects and industry collaborations, Fatemeh’s career underscores a relentless pursuit of innovation and a comprehensive grasp of cutting-edge RF and microwave techniques.


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EDR Medeso Webinar: Ansys Programme for Startups

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