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FWD Project Founders First Workshop

FWD Project Founders First Workshop


Join expert mentors for our series of powerful masterclasses to accelerate your health and wellbeing business.

We invite you to attend this Founders First Workshop, hosted by Dr. Becky Sage and a peer group of entrepreneurs to figure out how focusing on your own needs can help your relationships, your organisation and your wider impact.  You do not have to be a FWD member to join this session.


“Being a founder is like being on a rollercoaster. I say it is being on 10 rollercoasters all at once.

We tell ourselves to grin and bear it, to enjoy the ride, to embrace the hustle. We convince ourselves that we will just burn the candle at both ends for the next 6 months, when we will hit that next big milestone and then we can sleep. Resilience is an important entrepreneurial skill, after all, and everyone else is making it work – aren’t they?

True resilience isn’t just getting back up whenever we get knocked down. No one can successfully navigate the leadership demands of entrepreneurship if they constantly feel like they are stumbling around after a knock-out punch.

We can be resilient, effective leaders, founders & entrepreneurs AND be mindful of sustaining our own health. In fact, I think it is imperative to the success of your business.

In this one-hour virtual workshop, we will examine our own relationship to leadership, hear stories from other founders and take away some tools to set you up for business success without sacrificing yourself!” – Dr Becky Sage.


About The FWD Project:

The FWD Project provides various business support streams to help health and wellbeing companies in the South West of England grow and develop. We’ve created a series of masterclasses delivered by our expert mentors, to cover a range of essential business topics to improve the resilience of your business, find the best funding sources, protect your intellectual property and develop and strengthen your leadership. There is no cost to your business to attend these masterclass sessions.

Who should attend:

Any business in the health and wellbeing sector, seeking to understand entrepreneurial leadership.

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FWD Project: Founders First Masterclass


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