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FWD Project Masterclass – Selling and Communicating Sustainability

FWD Project Masterclass – Selling and Communicating Sustainability


You’ve already put sustainability at the heart of your health organisation, but how do you communicate that clearly to your customers?

It’s more important now than ever before to address the impact that the healthcare sector has on our environment, and customers are purchasing this this thought in mind. Whether it’s minimising waste from single-use plastics or delivering a digital solution to allow for remote patient monitoring, the key to success could lie within how you verbalise your stance on sustainability.

Across two, two-hour sessions, this online masterclass will be led by sustainability expert Katharine Bourke. As a result of this workshop, participants will have an improved understanding of how sustainable business practices can positively impact your sales pipeline, as well as wider business perception.

You’ll tackle how best to communicate your sustainability ambitions to clients, whilst developing tried-and-tested selling techniques that allow you to highlight your green credentials.

Session One: Selling Sustainability (2 Hours)

  • The sales process – adding value and reviewing where sustainability fits with your sales pipeline.
  • Developing new collateral to use in future negotiations.
  • An introduction to negotiation skills and techniques.

Session Two: Communicating for Sustainability (2 Hours)

  • The art and science of communications
  • How sustainability can fit into your existing communications.
  • Templates and frameworks to work with

Who should attend:

Any business in the health and being sector that wants to expand its sustainability practices through its whole sales process, as well as organisations wanting to take action on their communications to share their sustainability status and ambitions with clients.

You must be a member of The FWD Project to participate in this masterclass.

For existing members:

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For new members:

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