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How to develop effective networking skills – Workshop

How to develop effective networking skills – Workshop

Speaker: Monika Radclyffe, SETsquared

Ever found yourself doing a last-minute cancellation for a networking event, simply because you were dreading the ‘networking time’ so much? Or found yourself at an event only to enjoy chatting to people you already know, but not being able to make any useful new connections for your business?

Join this workshop to learn tried and tested techniques on how to prepare for a networking event, how to make the most of it when you’re there, how to start and end conversations, and ensure you turn your new connections to long-term business relationships.

At this event you will:

  • Define their purpose for networking
  • Know how to start and end a conversation
  • Benefit from newly made contacts
  • Read body language
  • Remember the name
  • Follow up professionally and build the relationship

Who should attend?

Anyone who is a reluctant networker and wants to become more confident and effective.  It is also for those who enjoy networking and want to pick up some practical tips


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