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BT Mobile Innovation Labs overview event

BT Mobile Innovation Labs overview event

With the advent of 5G, mobile technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace to enable products to operate across high speed, low latency and high reliability networks. SaaS application developers, solution providers, SMEs and start-ups are having to move at a much faster pace to get their products to market.

All these offerings must be tested over mobile networks and ensure that they are ready to go to market. That’s where BT’s Labs as a Service (LaaS) comes in. It provides End-to-End mobile test networks, tailored support, access to cutting-edge features, QA tools,  load testing facilities, application testing and device testing.  Through accessing these facilities you also unlock the opportunity to collaborate with BT for grant funding.

At this event, you will hear about the full scope of the opportunities within BT Mobile Innovation Labs and BT’s Labs as a Service. After this exploratory event attendees will have the opportunity to express interest in working with BT.


11:00 Welcome & Introductions

11:10 – 11:30 Presentation on who we are and what we do

11:30 – 12:00 LaaS offering and the opportunity

12:00 Q&A Section

12:30 – Event closes



Stephen Mayers, MBA

Stephen is a technology leader with a successful career within the mobile communications and IT sectors. He has worked in a variety of senior technical, commercial and delivery positions in large corporates, SMEs and Scale Up companies.  His current role is Senior Manager – Design and Evolution – BT Mobile Innovation Labs.  BT labs provide industry-leading and secure lab environment services to maintain network and service leadership and to validate and assess new products and innovations.



Alexandra Roscheck BSc, MSc

Studied Electronic Engineering and Management and have a Master’s degree in Telematics. Planned, designed, and delivered numerous successful products and projects in wireline telecommunications in South America working for Nortel Networks, in wireless (mobile and WiFi) world-wide with BlackBerry and in Europe and the UK with T-Mobile / EE and BT, as well as consultancy contracts in IT in the Financial sector with Deutsche Bank, and in IP network Surveillance with Axis. Owned a Project Management company and provided services for EE. Fluent in several languages and experienced in working and dealing with different cultures.

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Couldn’t come along to this briefing but are still interested in accessing support? Get in touch at [email protected]

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