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Scale-Up Seminar: Accelerate the Pace of Engineering

Scale-Up Seminar: Accelerate the Pace of Engineering

From concept to commercialisation

The session will cover how you can use MathWorks’ software, MATLAB and Simulink, to optimise your engineering designs and reduce time to market.

Explore the applications

Data Analysis
Explore data in a fraction of the time it takes with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages such as C and C++.
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Medical Devices
Simulate designs before implementation, automatically generate C and HDL code and prove code safety with static analysis.
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Simulate robotics systems, prototype algorithms, and connect to platforms and peripherals, all within one design environment.
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Design, simulate, test, and deploy safety and mission-critical systems.
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Accelerate vehicle development processes and deliver vehicles that meet market requirements for safety, comfort, fuel economy, and performance.
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The seminar will be based on two case studies:

  • building a predictive model from a labelled collection of time-series data
  • modelling and simulating a multi-domain dynamical system.

This session will also introduce how to go from prototyping and simulation to production via automated code generation.

During the seminar, MathWorks engineers will be available to answer your questions. Mathworks is delivering this session for SETsquared Scale-Up members and companies interested in benefiting from support from the Scale-Up Programme in future and by attending, you can benefit from a year’s free license of MATLAB and Simulink.


12.00 Welcome & Introduction to MathWorks

12.05 Seminar

12.50 Q&A

1.00 Masterclass closes



Paul Huxel, Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks

Paul holds a B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a minor in applied mathematics and a graduate concentration in orbital mechanics, attitude dynamics, and control.  He also holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin where he worked as a research assistant for a Goddard Space Flight Center project that culminated in his dissertation: “Navigation Algorithms and Observability Analysis for Formation Flying Missions.”

Paul then spent five years with Draper Laboratory developing algorithms and simulations to perform system analysis, calibration, and verification for US Navy and NASA programs.  He spent the next three years with Sierra Nevada Corporation as the GN&C Orbital Phase Lead for the Dream Chaser program overseeing ISS rendezvous trajectory design and simulation, mission constraint analysis and propellant estimation, and navigation sensor requirements and hardware selection.

After over 15 years using MATLAB and Simulink in academia and industry, Paul took a 15-month sabbatical as a Peace Corps volunteer to teach math and physics at a secondary school in a rural village in Cameroon, Africa.  Paul joined the Application Engineering Group at MathWorks in Galway, Ireland in August 2017.  He supports a diverse range of products and industries, but is particularly interested in image processing, computer vision, and machine and deep learning for medical applications.


Jawad Khoury, Senior Training Engineer, MathWorks

Jawad Khoury is a member of the training services team at MathWorks, UK, Cambridge office. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Cergy-Paris (UCP). Currently at MathWorks, Jawad delivers trainings on Simulink Fundamentals, Stateflow for logic driven systems, and control system design with MATLAB and Simulink.

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Couldn’t come along to this briefing but are still interested in accessing support? Get in touch at [email protected]

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