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Scale-Up Masterclass: Brand Creativity

Scale-Up Masterclass: Brand Creativity

A Case for Creativity

How do you go from a brand that no one notices to one that is actively followed and remembered? One that is shared on social and talked about by friends in real life. The answer lies in creativity.


In our next Scale-Up masterclass, we will unpick why “creativity is the last unfair advantage that you are legally allowed to take over your competitors” (Bill Bernbach).

We will be covering:

  • what creativity means
  • the commercial reality behind powerful ideas and brand stories
  • how the most powerful marketing should make your customer feel
  • a breakdown of the principles behind a great idea, sharing examples of what we have done and of brilliant brands who have implemented them.

Sprowt is delivering this masterclass for SETsquared Scale-Up members and high-tech companies outside of our network with an ambition to scale-up.


14:00 Welcome & Introduction to Sprowt

14:05 – 14:40 Presentation by Carly Osman-Holme

14:40 Q&A

15:00 Masterclass closes



Carly Osman-Holme, Sprowt

Carly has almost twenty years of experience working in marketing, innovation and consultancy. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Coca-Cola & Nestle and now specialises in helping start-ups scale.

The reality is that 90% of people are not actively looking for your product or service when they come into contact with your brand or marketing. So unless as a brand you’re doing something memorable that builds an emotional connection with your customer, your brand will likely fail to exist in their subconscious.

Carly helps brands, get noticed, talked about and remembered- so that when your customer has that need/want/desire, your brand is the first thing your target customer thinks of or searches for.

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Couldn’t come along to this briefing but are still interested in accessing support? Get in touch at [email protected]

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