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Scale-Up Masterclass: Intellectual Property

Scale-Up Masterclass: Intellectual Property

The commercial opportunity of IP – from R&D through to patents


This Masterclass brings GovGrant, a leading company in the sector, to present their insights on UK university spinouts, commercial benefits from R&D, and value of IP from Patent Box. Scale-ups that view their innovation holistically and that understand the whole of the R&D ecosystem, are able to commercialise their innovation at every step. Any business that is trying to carve out their future position through investment in innovation will need IP to be an accessible subject.

If we consider R&D tax credit schemes as a success with most innovative companies claiming, then perhaps the same can’t be said in the take up of tax relief under Patent Box. SMEs are receiving a tiny percentage of the value of the Patent Box scheme. The stand out statistic is that 92% of tax relief is claimed by large companies.

Value is created by recognising R&D and discovering if you have something worth patenting. A simple patent, found in your R&D, could save on corporation tax but technical jargon can be off-putting, so rather than patenting for protection, the focus could be on commercially focused business outcomes.

GovGrant’s experience is based on working in the sector for over 17 years, and with over a thousand companies annually. Their current clients include members of SETsquared Scale-Up Programme cohort.


12.00 Welcome

12.05 Introduction to GovGrant

 – R&D, IP and Patent Box opportunity – what do the stats tell us?

  Research – University spinout report highlights

 – What it tells us about spinouts and Scale-Ups

  IP opportunity – tax incentives from R&D through to Patent Box

 – Understanding the value of IP

 – IP Harvest – commercial outcome not protection

 – Setting realistic budget, timeframes and focussing effort

  Case study and client scenarios

12.40 Q&A

13.00 Masterclass closes



Dominic Bartholdi, Chief Commercial Officer, GovGrant

Dominic works with clients to understand their key drivers to help them achieve their business goals. At the centre of this approach is a belief that delivering commercial value to the client is essential to long standing and collaborative relationships.

Adam Simmonds, Investment Research Analyst, GovGrant

A recent first-class honours graduate, Adam brings academic and research to his role as Investment Research Analyst for GovGrant. Adam’s works to offer insight to the venture capital and private equity community to drive value from R&D and innovation activity in their portfolios.

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