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SETsquared Workshop: Sales Processes

SETsquared Workshop: Sales Processes

Speaker: Rick Chapman, SETsquared Entrepreneur in Residence








Workshop overview 

This practical workshop will focus on the process of selling – especially to business and corporate clients. What is the flow, the steps and the expectations and assumptions? What tricks can you employ to smooth the progression and accelerate your sales?

We will concentrate on a structured approach and progress through each step with real world advice and guidance to help you understand and improve your sales management. A small amount of theory will underpin the workshop but the focus is on practical learning and the development of an approach that you can personalise and bring in house, use with your team and make it your own.

Participants: Founders and senior team members, or dedicated commercial staff who want to understand more about sales processes


  • Introductions
  • Sales vs Marketing
  • Inside the buyers mind
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • CVP to Pitch
  • The Sales Process
  • Sales engagement and the funnel
  • Sales Velocity

Learning objectives: The steps in a typical B2B sales cycle and a practical guide to how to manage and improve your own sales success


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