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Sustainability Masterclass: Impact Workout

Sustainability Masterclass: Impact Workout

This masterclass explores the rapidly growing trend of impact-driven business to enable participants to both understand the perspective of, and confidently engage with industry experts, founders and stakeholders. The masterclass will enable business leaders to position their businesses in alignment with sustainability and social value trends to enable business growth.

This masterclass is recommended for those not confident in their business sustainability knowledge and will provide a useful foundation which can then be built upon with any of the other masterclasses.

The Impact Workout session will be provided in the following format:

  • Peer Learning
  • Short bursts of lecture content
  • Exercises and examples to build up learning
  • Acquiring knowledge through experimental learning

It will cover the following content:

  • Explore the topic of impact
  • Explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Outline a range of approaches including BCorp and the 5 Capitals model
  • Understand why impact is important to the investment community
  • Implications for supply chain procurement
  • Negative impacts and the dangers of greenwashing

Who should attend:

Any organisation wanting to expand its business sustainability knowledge and take action.

The benefits of attending include clarity around the subject / many avenues / clear pathway forward.


Takeaways from the session will include:

  • Make this easy
  • Navigate/take action
  • Getting started
  • Understanding the landscape
  • A clear view of the next steps
  • Workshop to move you forward

To join this free-to-attend session simply click the button below and scroll down to the online registration form. Please note: you will be asked to join 2 other sessions, these choices can be changed if you are unsure which other sessions might be right for you.


This session is available to those interested in the Sustainable Business Support programme, and also, the Health and Life Science Masterclass programme.


Please make sure you follow the correct link below to register for the right programme.

Sustainable Business Support Application Page


Health and Life Sciences Application Page

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