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SETsquared Showcase at GCV Symposium –
Exhibition Requirement Form


Congratulations on being chosen to take part in the SETsquared Showcase at GCV Symposium.

The showcase on 25th and 26th June in London will provide the opportunity for significant promotion within the investor, corporate and media community.

It’s crucial we provide the organisers with the info the need to create a fabulous event so please ensure you fill out the exhibition requirement form by Wednesday 5th June 12:00pm.

SETsquared Investment Showcase at GCV Symposium 2024 - Exhibition Requirement Form


  • Please make sure that the company name spelling is correct, and please indicate if it is a Limited Company by suffixing Ltd or Limited to the name
  • Please provide a secondary contact for the event in case we need to urgently speak to someone in your team
    It can mean to do stories about your attendance and your company and this may include high-level info on your company/solution.

    Each company will be provided with a space to accommodate 1 pull up banner & 1 poseur table to exhibit your products/demo. Every company has 1 power socket allocated.
  • The banner must be a maximum size of 2 meters high and 1 meter wide and max one banner per company. We recommend to bring an existing pull-up banner or if you are looking to create one for the event, please have a look at eco-friendly banner options.
  • There is a maximum of 1 socket/stand
  • Please provide as much info as possible here as it will help position you in the room and the event organisers will need all the details. Are you bringing your laptop/tablet? A piece of technology? A demo? If you will be bringing any large equipment or have any specific requirement please let us know.

    Please provide details for who's attending from your company. This person will be responsible to set up and dismantle the exhibition space and will be required to attend the whole Symposium day you're allocated to. If you'd like to bring a colleague please let us know. Please ensure that all names are spelt correctly and that any prefixes such as Dr or Prof are noted as it will be from this information that we create your badges.

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