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Event Outline: SETsquared@20 Investment Showcase

Key dates and milestones for applicants

STAGE 1 – Application and selection
Deadline for companies to submit application form attaching their 1-page executive summary and logo Thursday 06 October, 09.00
(Applicable if exceed 45 applications) Internal Selection Process Thursday 06 October, 11:00 (Internal)
Email to companies with notification of presentation time slot and online panel selection day details. Monday, 10 October
Online Panel Selection Sessions with external investor panel + internal observers 18, 19 October
Written feedback following online panel selection sessions for forwarding to ventures by the institution team w/c 24 October
STAGE 2 – Pitch Preparation & Refinement Programme – Select up to 20 companies
Perfect Pitch, Impact and Investment Campaign Webinar (delivered by trainers) Thursday, 03 November, 09:00 – 13:00
Each Institution will provide selected companies with support, training and guidance in preparation for the Pitch Practice sessions Between 01 and 08 November
Deadline for updated company executive summary 1-pager and Exhibition Requirement Form 07 November, 12:00
Pitch Practice: Refinement & Coaching sessions – In person – Surrey 09 November, 10:00 – 16:30
Each Institution will provide selected companies with support, training and guidance in preparation for the showcase in London Between 11 and 21 November
Investment Campaign: Envestry Webinar – Online session 15 November, 12:00 – 13:00
Deadline for presenting companies to submit electronic presentations for use at the showcase and for finalising companies’ Investment Campaign Envestry Profile 21 November, 11:00
Ho to Get the Most out of this Event Webinar – Online session 23 November, 12:00 – 13:00
Final Information Packs sent to exhibiting/pitching companies along with draft Delegate List 24 November

18.30 – 21.30 : Setup and dress rehearsal of presentations, London

30 November

08.30 – 17.00 : 20th Anniversary Showcase and Exhibition, London

Thursday, 01 December


Selecting the companies to exhibit and pitch – Two stage process (all stages are compulsory)

All showcasing companies must submit an online application form by 03 October, 09.00. Acceptance of the application will be validated by each institution. At this time, the company must state which online selection panel days they could attend. Selected companies will be given further support to hone their pitch ready for the showcase in London via their local Institutions and they will attend pitch refinement sessions and webinars delivered by SETsquared trainers. Please note all sessions are compulsory if they wish to be selected for the GRADINVEST@20 on 1 December.

STAGE 1 – Application and selection

Date: Application deadline for companies to complete an online application form and submit one side A4 executive summary is 03 October, 09.00

Once applications are validated by each Institution, a maximum of 45 companies will be invited to attend an Online Panel Selection Session. This session is mandatory as it’s part of the selection process. A maximum of 45 companies will pitch online (if applications exceed this number, all applicants’ company executive summaries will be sent to an internal panel composed of one representative per Institution. The panel will vote for the top 45 companies to go through the online selection session).

At this stage, each Institution will provide applicants with support, training and guidance in preparation for the Online Panel Selection. Applicants will be in touch with their institution for further information and dates.

At the online selection session, each company will give a 5-minute pitch to a panel of external investors and experienced entrepreneurs. A 10-minute Q&A + feedback from the panellists will follow each pitch.

The aim is to select up to 20 companies to pitch at the final event, however the final numbers are up to the discretion of the selection panel and the companies attendance to Pitch Preparation & Refinement Programme. From the selected companies, the SETsquared Investment Team may choose some companies that they assess suitable to go through the Investment Campaign.

STAGE 2 – Pitch Preparation & Refinement Programme

This programme is an opportunity for the selected pitching companies to hone their pitching  skills, gain feedback from real investors and experienced entrepreneurs and promote their opportunity to over 1,500 angel, venture capitalist and corporate investors and to the wider eco-system. The programme has 5 parts (6 parts for the companies selected by SETsquared Investment Team to go through the Investment Campaign) and all companies chosen through the selection panel days get thousands of pounds worth of support for free with no equity or fees charged.


5-minute Pitch Guideline

What are they looking for in a pitch and what questions do they want answered?

In general, the audience are looking for an overview/snapshot of your value proposition in the time allocated. They are not expecting huge amounts of detail about how your solution works but are in general more interested in the overall business opportunity that you are presenting. As a guide it is recommended that you cover off the following questions:

  • The Problem: What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
  • The Solution: What is your solution to that problem?
  • The Opportunity: What is the market opportunity for your solution? “Value Impact” of the business idea
  • The Business Model: Explain how the business model works? How are you going to make money and the impact your business will have?
  • The Team: Who are they and what is their relevant experience?
  • The Ask: What do you need in terms of next steps?


If you have any questions regarding the selection process or the Pitch Preparation & Refinement Programme please email Lea Ediale at [email protected]

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