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The IKEEP (Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway) Programme has now given 2,000 students invaluable business innovation training.

Following the training, students can go on to undertake a business project, providing some CV-boosting experience, whilst offering businesses an opportunity to work with a team of students to complete a short project of their choice. Get to know some of those students who have taken part in the programme, and learn more about how the businesses involved have also benefitted:

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SETsquared’s IKEEP Programme

2,000 students have now received business innovation skills training thanks to SETsquared’s Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway (IKEEP) programme, with 500 of these students also completing business placements. This video will give you an overview of the benefits and impact of the programme.

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Case Study: Buttercup Learning

Buttercup Learning creates engaging AR content to educate children on the importance of nature and sustainability within their everyday lives. Its Founder Rachel Mills explains how the IKEEP Programme allowed her to elevate Buttercup Learning’s business practice with the help of three University of Bath students.

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Case Study: Emily Skinner

Emily joined the IKEEP Programme at the University of Bristol to develop hands-on experience that could open new career avenues alongside her law degree. “The main thing that attracted me to IKEEP was that I got to take my learning outside of the classroom and apply it to real life business contexts. I’ve now been invited back over the summer to work with the team again. I’m really excited to see what more I can do to develop my research further.”

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Case Study: Felecia and Estrela

Felicia Odumosu and Estrela Antonio from the University of Surrey gained invaluable skills and tuition through their participation in SETSquared’s IKEEP Programme. Watch to learn more about their experience as postgraduates, and how the project aligned their current career path with their newly defined career goals.

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Case Study: HLPS

Richard George and his team at Health Life Prosperity Shared Ltd (HLPS) set to create a rent to ownership model, allowing more renters to break through onto the property ladder. With the help of the SETSquared project, Richard and his students embarked on early-stage research in the form of focus groups, in order to better understand the market and its needs. Learn more about HLPS’ experience with the IKEEP Project in this video.

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Case Study: Natasha Birk

Natasha, an International Management student from the University of Bath runs her own sustainable cosmetics businesses which she began during the pandemic. Upon returning to Bath for her final year, she developed an app which identifies the social responsibility of your makeup products. Learn some of the takeaways that Natasha took from the programme, and how IKEEP helped her in the next phase of her business’ journey.

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Case Study: Powerquad

Powerquad set out to provide access to cheaper, renewable energy for everyone back in 2012. Gill Satchell, one of the business’ Co-Founders explains how their four-week project enhanced awareness of their own business practices, thanks to students from the University of Surrey. Watch to discover how the IKEEP Programme powers-up businesses as much as it does the students.

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Case Study: Pyterra

“Looking back on the project, I have no doubt that it was of value. Over this coming summer, I’m going on be taking on two interns to continue that work.” CEO David Arscott was keen to breathe life into innovative finance provider, Pyterra. Three University of Bristol Students undertook invaluable product research for David and his team, and David was thoroughly impressed. Learn more about Pyterra’s experience with the IKEEP Programme in this video.

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Case Study: Will Daraugh

SETsquared’s IKEEP (Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway) Programme has now given 2000 students invaluable business innovation training. Will Daraugh, an undergraduate Business Management student at the University of Exeter speaks about his experience on the programme, his placement, the skills he developed and what he’s taken away from the project.

If you are a student find out more about the IKEEP programme.


If you are a business find out more about the IKEEP programme.

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