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IKEEP Programme Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

Q. How many students will be assigned to my project?

A. A team of 3 students will be assigned to each project. Students may come from a wide range of disciplines and will be studying a mix of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Q. How are students assigned to a project?

A. Students are matched to company projects by the IKEEP team based on the skills fit needed for a project and student preference.

Q. How often do I meet with the student team?

A. You will need to meet with your student team at least twice a week, although we recommend greater frequency for the best results. You get out what you put in.

Q. Can I host more than one IKEEP project placement?

A. You can run as many projects sequentially as you have ideas for. If you want to run a number of projects simultaneously, you can do so, but you will need to ensure that you have sufficient resource to manage multiple student teams in the same 4 week period. We recommend meeting with your team(s) a minimum of twice a week. Experience has shown that more contact delivers more and better results, so the workload to direct and inform your teams can quickly mount up. Please don’t try and do more projects at the same time than you have the capacity to manage them.

Q. Members of my organisation will be partially or fully furloughed during the time we are looking to host a project placement. Can we still host an IKEEP project placement then?

A. Provided you are not using the students to do the work of the furloughed staff and you still have sufficient resource to fully support and direct a team of three students, then yes you can still host an IKEEP project placement in those circumstances.

Q. How do we communicate with a team of students?

A. That is up to you and the student team. Working as a team is critical to project success. Previous teams have set up WhatsApp groups, Slack accounts and run daily scrum-style meetings on Teams/Zoom. Agree on an approach that works for you and all your student team members. Ensure the method and frequency you choose to communicate/meet is sufficient for you to be able to direct their planning and guide their progress.

Q. What do I do if I have any issues with my student team?

A. There is a mid-point meeting that can be used to raise concerns. If more pressing, contact the IKEEP team rep at any point, and they will try and resolve the situation.

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