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IKEEP Programme Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Q. What does IKEEP stand for?

A. Intrapreneurial Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Pathway.

Q. What is an Intrapreneur?

A. An ‘intrapreneur’ is an individual who operates with an entrepreneurial mindset. They work within an organization, rather than starting a business for themselves. They often see opportunities for change and improvement, or space for new initiatives. You may find them in areas of innovation, research, and development. Or you may see them taking the lead on delivering a special project for the company in their business area, maybe HR, Operations, Finance, IT, or Customer Services for example.

Q. How can I earn £500?

A. To be eligible for the £500 stipend you must –

  • Participate in at least 80% of the training.
  • Complete your post-training reflective presentation.
  • Be allocated to an IKEEP project placement with a business.

The stipend is in place to support you in completing the placement. The time commitment of the placement may mean that you will be unable to do part-time work during the project. The stipend will help to plug this gap.

Q. What do I have to do to complete the training?


  • You will attend training in person, 1 afternoon a week (approx. 2 hours) over 4 consecutive weeks. In addition, you will complete some self-directed learning using videos and other resources.
  • You will deliver a reflective presentation on week 5, sharing your learnings with the IKEEP project team.
  • The training will cover topics such as business models, critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving.
  • You must participate in at least 80% of the training to ‘complete’ it and to become eligible for the work placement

Q. Do I have to agree to do a project placement to complete the training?

A. You can just do the training program. You don’t have to do a project placement if you don’t want to.

Q. I might not have time to do the project placement immediately after the training, is this ok

A. You can do your IKEEP project placement up to 8 months after you have completed your training if you are still a student at the University.

Q. How do I know if I have completed the training?


  • You will have participated in at least 80% of the training.
  • You will have delivered your post-training reflective presentation.

Q. Does the training count towards the Bristol PLUS Award?


  • Completion of the IKEEP training counts for 3 out of the 4 workshops and courses required for the Bristol PLUS Award.
  • IKEEP training does not cover the selection process, so for your final workshop/course, you will need to submit a selection process activity.

Q. How do I know if I am eligible for the IKEEP project placement?

A. You are eligible for the IKEEP project placement if –

  • You are a current student (undergraduate, postgraduate taught, or postgraduate research) of the University of Bristol.
  • You have completed at least 80% of the training.
  • You have completed your post-training reflective presentation.

Q. Will the project placements be with real businesses?

A. Yes, your project placement will be with a real regional SME (small/medium enterprise).

Q. Will I be working alone?

A. You will be working in a team of 3 students (any discipline, both undergraduate and postgraduate).

Q. How long will the project last and when will I complete the work?


  • You will be expected to complete 70 hours of work, spread over four weeks.
  • Projects are flexible; however, you must be available for meetings with your student team and your host organization from Monday – Friday between 9 am to 5 pm.

Q. Can I choose my teammates?

A. The IKEEP project team will assign you to teams and businesses based on your skills and the requirements of the project.

Q. What sort of projects will I be working on?

A. You could be working with businesses that focus on anything from sustainability to technology, retail to science, or hospitality to charity for example. You could be working on things like business strategy, market research, environmental impact reviews, recruitment strategies, sustainability planning, customer journeys, or sales pipeline planning. There will be a variety of businesses and projects.

Q. Can I choose the business I am placed with?

A. When you apply for your placement, the IKEEP project team will send you all the available projects. You will be asked to select your first and second choice. This will be taken into consideration when you are matched with projects. You will not be guaranteed to get your first or second choice.

Q. Does the Project Placement count towards the Bristol PLUS Award?

A. Completion of the project placement counts as 1 role towards your 70 hours of experience. Your business supervisor or IKEEP coordinator can be used as your referee.

Q. Why aren’t I being paid a standard wage?

A. This is not a job, this is a short duration training and learning experience for your development. A stipend is given to cover costs and to recognise your effort.

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