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IKEEP Programme Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Please note the May and June training cohorts may not be able to participate in the project phase of IKEEP.

Q. What do I need to do to complete the training?

A. 6 chapters of self-directed online learning and participate in the final live session.

Q. I might not have time to do a project.

A. You can do an IKEEP project up to 8 months after you have done your training, as long as you are still a student at the university.

Q. Do I have to agree to a project to get the training?

A. No, you can just do the training programme. You do not have to do a project placement if you do not want to.

Q. How do I know that you have received my answers to the training questions?

A. We get your answers as soon as you have clicked ‘Submit’, if you would like a confirmation of your submission, tick the option at the very end of the form.

Q. When will I get my badge?

A. After you have completed the full training programme, you will receive an email from IKEEP (in around 10 working days) with instructions on how to claim your badge.

Q. Do I need to complete the IKEEP Training to be eligible to apply for an IKEEP Project placement?

A. Yes.

Q. Are project placements with real businesses?

A. Yes, project placements are with real regional businesses.

Q. How long do the projects last?

A. You will be expected to do 70 hours of work, over the four-week period that the project lasts.

Q. Will I be working alone?

A. No, you will be working in a team of 3 on your project.

Q. Can I choose my teammates?

A. No, IKEEP assigns students to teams based on skills fit.

Q. What sort of project will I be working on?

A. Projects can cover everything from product design, to marketing strategy or supply chain analysis. Host organisations come from sectors as varied as space, travel, dental and environmental.

Q. Do I get to choose which company/project I work with?

A. Indirectly. IKEEP will match you with an available project placement based on your preferences and the skills needed on the project.

Q. I don’t know any of my team, how do we work together?

A. That is up to you and the team. Working as a team is critical to your success. Previous teams have set up WhatsApp groups, Slack accounts and run daily meetings on Teams/Zoom. Agree on an approach that works for you, your team and your project host organisation, and check regularly that it is enough.

Q. What if I have any issues with my team or the organisation during the project?

A. There is a mid-point meeting that can be used to raise concerns. If more pressing, contact the IKEEP team rep at any point, and they will try and resolve the situation.

Q. How will I know if I have successfully completed the project?

A. At the end of the project, you will have a conclusion meeting with IKEEP and your project organisation. Here we will discuss what you and your team delivered and what everyone learnt from the experience. Then you will be asked to complete a feedback form. You have now completed the project.

Q. When will I get my badge and stipend?

A. When you have completed the project, you will be sent instructions on how to claim your badge and receive the stipend.

Q. Why aren’t I being paid a standard wage?

A. This is not a job, this is a short duration training and learning experience for your development. A stipend is given to cover costs and to recognise your effort.