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Kemuri announces £1m capital raise under the Enterprise investment Scheme

Surrey SETsquared alumni member, Kemuri, a contributor to the Digital Catapult programme, has announced a £1m capital raise to prepare for production of KemuriSense® Smart Power Sockets for the telecare market. The private offer to qualified investors is being arranged by West Hill Capital LLP.

KemuriSense® Smart Power Sockets are multi-sensor Internet of Things devices that collect data about temperature, humidity, motion and power consumption of connected appliances. Data is sent by a mobile phone network for processing by proprietary predictive analytics software, known as the Kemuri® Wellbeing Monitor. The output of changes to normal patterns of activity can be accessed by families and carers on any smartphone, tablet or computer or by SMS text alerts.

Dr Leonard Anderson, founder and CEO of Kemuri, said, “£125,000 spent on our proof of concept has achieved the targets agreed with Innovate UK. Key partners have been engaged as our route to market and we are now raising £1m seed capital to scale-up production and operations.”

The first production units are for the telecare market, specifically targeting families of older people who live alone. Initially, sales distribution will be via telecare service companies who can access the NHS and local authorities. Subsequently, Kemuri will target property managers and owners of sheltered housing for older people and will create an on-line channel for direct sales and to a network of sales agents.

In future, KemuriSense®, after adaptation and further capital investment, will be used in networks for controlling power supplies in smart homes, offices and factories. This Kemuri energy management platform, with international patent applied for, has global potential to optimise the use of electric power for refrigeration, heating and electric vehicle charging.

Merlin Hay, Earl of Erroll, Non-Executive Director (designate) of Kemuri and chairman of the Digital Policy Alliance said, “The Company’s vision is to contribute to a social objective to help older people to live independently for longer in their own homes and to support care providers in their care responsibilities, assisted by passive preventive Internet of Things technology.”

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