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Andrea Siller
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Bioana Medical

The urine collection solution for the future

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“The experience of being part of the LIF+ programme has literally been life-changing”


Bioana is a medical device development company, the first product is Recopad: a urine collecting device designed for people with disabilities. The innovative unidirectional membrane collects urine samples in a non-invasive and clean way. An indicator alerts for the presence of urine, and the sample is extracted and sent to the laboratory for analysis, leading to timely and accurate disease diagnosis and monitoring for patients with disabilities. Current methods for collecting urine samples can be invasive, distressing and particularly difficult for patients with disabilities, older people, and even for babies. Quite often, in the time it takes to collect a viable sample the patient’s illness is worsening and not being treated correctly. Recopad is the solution. The product is just entering the local Mexican market and aiming to expand internationally in the future.

Country of origin: Mexico


People in the team: 10

The most valuable parts of the LIF+ programme

  • Support to develop and understand business model
  • Accessing a wide network of peers, mentors, and alumni
  • Help to understand regulatory landscape
  • Creating a business mindset
  • Developing negotiation and networking skills
  • Help getting investment and fast-tracking growth

Andrea Siller

“The experience of being part of the LIF programme has literally been life-changing because sometimes, as engineers we’re just focused on perfecting the technology and doing the research, and just looking with a very narrow view. I got to reflect on the business side and to really understand my business model, gain a broader understanding, and learn new skills like negotiation and networking. I got very valuable lessons out of the LIF programme and really felt a shift. I think there’s a lot of value in the network and in continuing the culture and further fostering the LIF network.”

“You enter the UK innovation ecosystem through this programme, in other parts of the world we have not developed these ecosystems as well as the UK. So, in entering this ecosystem and understanding it you can really take advantage of the support.”

“We’ve been commercialising Recopad here in Mexico, and our next step is to take Recopad to the United States – we are working on the regulatory details to send to our first distributor in the United States. We currently outsource the manufacturing to a third party, but after getting investment we would like to bring the manufacturing in-house. Lastly, we are working on the Recopad Junior version of our device.”

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