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Che Fai Yeong
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Techcare Innovation Pte Ltd

Stroke rehabilitation gamified through virtual reality

Che Fai Yeong – Techcare Innovation Pte Ltd play

“The LIF+ programme team helped me shift my mindset and that of my co-founder.”


Founded in 2014, Techcare Innovation develops haptic, robotic devices to improve the physical mobility of stroke patients. The CR2-Haptic is a compact, portable forearm rehabilitation robot, which helps patients train through a virtual reality game to motivate them to train to regain certain movements, for example in elderly patients or after a stroke. One of the biggest challenges for a stroke patient’s rehabilitation is access to sufficient physiotherapy. While there are robots that can help perform this function, most are very big and prohibitively expensive for most hospitals and rehab centres. Thus, Techcare Innovation develops a compact and affordable robotic solution to train forearm, wrist, and hand movements.

Country of Origin: Malaysia


People in the team: 7

The most valuable parts of the LIF+ programme

  • Shifting to a business-focussed mindset
  • Support with market research
  • Introduction to a wide network
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration
  • Help to understand and improve customer engagement
  • Identifying new potential markets
  • Access to a wide peer support network

“When I started this new MedTech company, I thought that I could grow the company with similar traction to my other industrial robotics company, but I was so wrong – it was so much more difficult with more regulation and so many challenges. The LIF+ programme team helped me shift my mindset and that of my co-founder.”

“An engineer’s mentality is always on the product itself, not always on the business side. One of the key takeaway sessions was about market research and how to ask your customers about your product, which has been useful for us. The second one was about the importance of customer engagement, we held a webinar with our customers and at first we didn’t expect too much, but they have now requested to have this every month.”

“Moving forward we have a few new ranges – we have come up with a balance board concept to train balance and we want to use the same technology to gamify training to motivate patients to train regularly. We have also started to collaborate with other companies’ technologies so that we can bring our hand training solution to the wider society.”

“Thank you very much for all the wonderful things that you guys have done.”

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