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Dr Diego Pedreira de Oliveira

Extremus Smart Surface

Tailored surface solution improving implant success

Dr Diego Pedreira de Oliveira – Extremus Smart Surface play

“Funding is extraordinary, money is very good, but one acceleration programme well done can be much more valuable than money.”


Extremus’ Smart Surfaces are intelligent surfaces for medical applications, for example for use in orthopaedic or dental fields. These surfaces improve the mechanical and biological interaction between implant and bone, restoring bodily functions, and improving the quality of life for patients. Often there is a lack of osseointegration between implant and bone which can make the patient susceptible to infections, long recovery times and premature implant failure. These problems could be even worse in some patients, for example, smokers, people with diabetes or older people. Smart Surface implants last longer; improving cost-effectiveness for patients and healthcare systems, and greatly reducing healing time.

Country of origin: Brazil


People in the team: 3 and 3 board members

The most valuable parts of the LIF+ programme

  • Support to develop pitch and business plan
  • Accessing a wide network of peers, entrepreneurs, specialists, mentors, and alumni
  • Help with intellectual property
  • Mentoring and motivation to keep focus and accelerate growth
  • Improving understanding of target market
  • Help to identify possible investors

“Because of the LIF+ Programme, I feel like I entered a tunnel: as the whole relationship with the world stopped or altered because of the pandemic, we kept going and we travelled faster or in a more accelerated way thanks to the focus of the mentors and now we are almost ready for the fight to put this into practice!”

“Funding is extraordinary, money is very good, but one acceleration programme well done can be much more valuable than money. I have been so happy to be part of this experience because it has been extraordinary – it has been fantastic to take a step back to observe ourselves and identify how best to improve, and to acquire this self-awareness.”

“Through the programme we’ve been able to understand different markets. The UK market for example is very attractive, as the UK undertakes more than 20 times as many surgeries as Brazil with almost a quarter of the inhabitants, so it’s a huge potential market. We are currently focusing on the Brazilian market and obtaining the correct regulations and getting the product into the market. We are currently validating this product with two big customers in Brazil. We are looking at the Indian and Mexican markets, thanks to SETsquared and the LIF+ programme. We aim to start clinical trials in the UK soon, and to commence international phasing into Europe and elsewhere.”

SETsquared is a partnership between

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