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Professor Boonrat Lohwongwatana
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3D-printed titanium bone implants

Professor Boonrat Lohwongwatana – Meticuly play

“I am really enjoying the process, even though it’s all online, somehow, it’s a lot more effective – what you guys have done is way beyond my expectations.”


Meticuly offers personalised surgical solutions for orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and plastic surgeons. Using 3D printing technology, Meticuly prints titanium, tailor-made implants which are bespoke for each individual patient. Surgeons often resort to fixed size, small/medium/large implants, so the patient’s bone must be prepared with an invasive procedure in advance to fit standard implants. Meticuly designs the implant based on the exact physiology of the patient, increasing accuracy, and cutting surgery and recovery time. The implants are manufactured within two to seven days, transforming how patients are treated. In 360 cases completed so far, patients have been happy and reported an excellent range of movements.

Country of origin: Thailand


People in the team: 36

The most valuable parts of the LIF+ programme

  • Help to re-clarify USP
  • Support to develop pitch and business plan
  • Accessing a wide network of peers, mentors, and alumni
  • Help to understand regulatory landscape
  • Improving understanding of target market
  • Help to identify possible investors
  • Mentoring and motivation to keep focus and accelerate growth
  • Help to value the company

Boonrat meticuly head shot

“The programme has far exceeded my expectations. I am really enjoying the process, even though it’s all online, somehow it’s a lot more effective – what you guys have done is way beyond my expectations.”

“Sometimes you feel like you have run out of gas but being part of the LIF+ programme has re-inspired me, I enjoyed listening to the inspirational speaker’s stories, they’ve been through a lot, but eventually they succeed even though it’s not an easy path – that alone was really meaningful to me. The mentorship has been fantastic. Chris Pett and Aleksandra Love really spent time understanding the business and technology, and their advice completely changed the way we run the business.”

“The network of fellows is a great group of people in similar situations and industries, and we get to help each other out. I will be helping a couple of fellows to try to bring their products into the Thai market, and vice versa. It’s been a great way to be inspired and find aspirations once again.”

“We will continue to expand regionally in Thailand, but we are also currently talking to surgeons in Taiwan and Malaysia who are interested in taking on our product.”

“We are working on securing a big round of funding, around 10 million US dollars, and talking to Singaporean and ASEAN investors. We are looking for strategic UK partners to come on board as well, and to find new locations to set up our second and third factories strategically for shipment, potentially Europe or the UK, and China.”

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