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Meet the new members getting SETsquared support to Scale-Up

Meet the new members getting SETsquared support to Scale-Up

Eleven new members joined the SETsquared Scale-Up Programme in April. From repurposing plastic laboratory waste to the world’s first marine plastic mapper, which uses satellites to map and track marine plastic, we are once again pleased to welcome such innovative, sustainable and diverse companies to the programme.

Meet April’s new members:

Alo mundus logoAlo Mundus

Alo Mundus provide a single solution for consolidated financial and environmental data in a simple financial accounts (balance sheet and income statement) format to help farms, estates, and businesses understand their impacts and dependencies on nature. Alo Mundus is a data-driven platform that supports the analysis and assessment of Natural Capital Accounts including automated regulatory reporting. Most promisingly, it provides a Natural Asset scorecard to farms and estates bench-marked against their industry peers.


Agrifood x logoAgrifood X Limited

Over 100 million tonnes of agricultural, horticultural and food processing wastes are generated in the EU annually. Agrifood X works with agri-businesses to improve sustainability, their services include; agri-food waste valorisation and by-product exploitation, bioactive discovery for functional foods, functional food development, sustainable bio-based packaging development and material evaluation.


Chassis autonomy logoChassis Autonomy

Chassis Autonomy is developing a ground-up designed steer-by-wire system (which includes steering gear, controllers and software) for use on a fully autonomous, driverless pod vehicle. Its development includes fault tolerant steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire actuation systems that meet the highest levels of functional safety. It aims to increase mechanical robustness and functional safety integrity levels towards those required for serial production.


GFL Carbon logoGFL Zero Carbon Ltd

GFL Zero Carbon turn waste into low carbon fuels, energy and fertiliser, working with nature to help provide food, energy and recycling needs. The Greener for Life concept uses wastes and residues to produce low carbon fuels, energy and biofertiliser rich in organic matter to sustain our soils. By returning vital nutrients back to the soils, it maintains soil organic matter and returns carbon back into the soils thereby maintaining soil health for future generations of food supply.


Innovation Advantage logoInnovation Advantage

Innovation Advantage work with organisations to transform healthcare delivery models where there are staff shortages or capacity issues. They specialise in identifying barriers to innovation and creating a plan to develop innovation competencies that will impact health, and patient outcomes.


LabCycle logoLabCycle

Sustainable tech start-up, LabCycle has created an innovative solution to the problem of the huge amount of single-use plastic waste created by research labs. LabCycle sort, decontaminate and remanufacture the high grade plastic used in labs. This reduces the amount that ends up in landfill and in doing so creates the first ever supply chain for this high-grade recycled plastic.


LESLA logoLesla Limited

Lesla Limited have developed smart kerb-side electric vehicle charging technology, called SCOUGAR. The SCOUGAR charger aims to do away with large street chargers and replace them with a charger built using the minimal amount of materials, compatible with every electric vehicle on the market. Built with on-street charging as its core philosophy, the SCOUGAR charger can be installed right outside a house, even without off street parking.


max llg logoMaxLLG

MaxLLG design and optimise magnetic components and devices for radio-frequency, microwave and millimeter wave applications for RF communications devices, such as circulators, isolators, signal filters and couplers. MaxLLG, a University of Exeter spin-out company originating from the ICURe programme, has developed a solver which couples the nonlinear Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation with the complete solution of Maxwell’s equations, making it possible to simulate electromagnetic propagation in any magnetic or nonmagnetic medium.


Plastecowood logoPlastecowood

Plastecowood recycle, process and design sustainable outdoor products. It creates attractive, long-lasting Smartawood™ products, which are an ecological alternative to wood, virgin plastic, steel and concrete. It repurposes waste and transforms it into durable and practical Smartawood™ products that require no maintenance and have a positive environmental impact.


Plastic-i logoPlastic-i

Plastic-i is developing the world’s first marine plastic mapper, a commercially available software for mapping and tracking marine plastic. Using apply cutting-edge deep learning techniques to high resolution satellite images to detect and classify floating debris. Plastic-i will provide unprecedented insights into humankind’s impact on the ocean environment.


Polychord logoPolyChord

PolyChord is a data technology which can explore a complex, challenging data landscape. PolyChord maps the components of a problem onto a data landscape which can be understood and interrogated by a non-expert. PolyChord is easily adjustable and can manage ‘dirty’ data without lengthy preparation, leveraging the value of existing datasets. For uses within utilities infrastructure, food science, additive manufacturing, biomedical sensors, complex industrial processes and telecommunications.



The Scale-Up Programme helps innovative and advanced technology businesses across several sectors win funding and investment through university collaboration.

These companies are joining hundreds of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the UK in a network of members which have secured over £100m of investment in their innovation and growth since the Programme began in 2018.

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