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Meet the nine companies scaling their way into 2023

Meet the nine companies scaling their way into 2023

With every new year comes new opportunities, and these nine businesses have taken the beginning of the year by the horns.

Whether looking to undertake research and development projects and access vital funding pots, the Scale-Up Programme is on hand to help. From sustainable household products to innovative biosensors for diabetics, meet the nine companies which have started their Scale-Up journeys with SETsquared this January.

nuVa Enterprises

The way we work is changing every single day. nuVa eliminates those awkward “can you see my screen?” moments with its intuitive software platform for virtual and remote teams. Designed to emulate the round-table meeting, the interactive screen allows for users to share their work in the same way that they would in person. Users can present, amend, and work on files in real time, ensuring agility and reactivity regardless of location. With support from the Scale-Up programme, nuVa is keen to develop the technology further, differentiating itself from existing desktop video conferencing alternatives.

viO HealthTech

viO has created a digital health platform, OvuSense, to allow women to track the rise and fall of progesterone on a continuous basis. According to its research, over 50% of women’s health issues go undiagnosed, only treated once they present as medically critical. The OvuSense range of sensors, an online portal and app aim to provide a targeted and personalised approach to managing women’s health concerns, including conception, miscarriage, PCOS and menopause. Through Scale-Up, its plan is to undertake further research to bolster its product’s capabilities.


Bower Collective

Bower helps households eliminate unnecessary waste and live more sustainably with its reuse and refill product system. Its range of natural household products is delivered in reusable packaging, which, once used, is returned to Bower to begin its next customer journey. So far, the company’s efforts have saved 34,652 kg of plastic from landfill or the ocean, and that figure is only continuing to grow.



InsPro Ltd

Every year, the UK imports 2 million tonnes of soya meal from countries as far-flung as Brazil. This soya is commonly used in agricultural feed, but the carbon impacts of this process mean that for chickens in particular, their eggs have a carbon load three times their own weight. With the help of insect larvae, Inspro use local food waste to produce a more sustainable alternative that brings their goal of the carbon-neutral egg into view.


EVware (Sparrow eMobility Ltd)

In response to the ongoing climate crisis and the 2050 net-zero target, governments and auto makers alike are setting ambitious targets to transition to electric vehicles. EVware is developing a hardware/software platform that enables the rapid development of automotive HMI systems and API-driven services, removing barriers to entry in global eMobility markets. EVware is keen to work with researchers and companies to advance this process, allowing global efforts towards the net-zero goal to continue.


E-spaces Ltd

Each year, schools spend hundreds of thousands of pounds addressing their recruitment needs, whether that’s bringing in supply teachers or making permanent hires. And, with a third of all teachers leaving the profession after just five years, E-Spaces want to help. Its intuitive app reduces the marking and assessment workload for teachers in schools by automatically assessing, feeding back responses, and adapting the teaching in lesson. With Scale-Up support, E-Spaces is keen to connect with data scientists and AI researchers to adapt the learning and grades section on the app.


Lifecare Chemistry

Lifecare develops miniaturised and implantable nano biosensors for continuous monitoring of glucose and other biomarkers in diabetics. Even today, diabetics continue to measure their levels on a system that was created more than 40 years ago. Lifecare’s new solution, Sencell, is able to measure glucose for far longer time periods than existing devices and sends the levels straight to your phone in real time. Through the Scale-Up programme, the company is keen to bring on a handful of students to work on new R&D projects.



Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is responsible for more than 700,000 deaths worldwide according to a report commissioned by the UK government. SmartWound, staffed by the Biophysical Chemistry Group at the University of Bath, is working to create cost-effective and clinically effective devices that help prevent AMR and the overuse of antibiotics. Its two products currently in development – an infection sensing patch and swab sensor – will improve detection rates amongst patients presenting with AMR.


Lutra Health Ltd

Lutra Health is a software platform transforming eyecare pathways for cataract patients and practitioners alike. The enVoi app securely integrates electronic patient records and allows community healthcare specialists to refer patients directly to surgery, removing the need for costly and time-consuming outpatient visits. With Scale-Up support, Lutra Health would like to run a published, peer-reviewed service evaluation of the value of outsourcing eyecare examinations to community optometrists to identify the impact it has on general practice outcomes.


Our track record shows that funding bids supported through Programme have a 35% success rate.

If you’re working with advanced technology and need funding and investment to take your business to the next level, check out the benefits of joining the Scale-Up Programme below.

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