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New SETsquared Member – Thoughtified Ltd

New SETsquared Member – Thoughtified Ltd

Thoughtified is a software development company that specialises in applying cutting edge research and technology to give the most simple solutions, both on the Web and in Intranet/corporate environments.

We offer solutions for Geographical Information Management, Enterprise Software Development, Web Applications and Mobile Platform Applications.

Thoughtified applies technology in innovative and intelligent ways to help organisations solve problems and achieve the best results. From data extraction, analysis and representation, to time management and risk analysis tools, we produce smart applications for enterprises of any size, and help them rapidly discover their true potential. Thoughtified are specialists in Web technologies and offer tailored solutions depending on the individual needs of their clients, from consultancy to the development of corporate websites, Web applications and Software-as-a-Service solutions.

Thoughtified has the power, tools and experience to deliver outstanding results and ensure complete satisfaction. Thoughtified are involved in academia, with active researchers in their team. Clients typically include universities, research groups, industrial contractors, mining/extraction companies, consultancy firms, IT companies, investment and banking industries, third sector organisations and governmental bodies – plus a range of small and large companies in a broad spectrum of sectors.

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