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Office365 Migration FAQ

Please see below for some FAQs regarding our migration to Office365.

Q. Who will this affect?

A. Everyone who has a email address.

Q. I’m struggling to find my new email

A. After the switch you will need the login details for your new mailbox. This will have been forwarded via another channel, or contact Hugo or Chloe who hold a masterlist. We recommend creating a new Outlook profile to which you can add your new account, any other email accounts (i.e. can be added to the new profile. To add a new profile in Outlook follow these instructions

Alternatively you can add the new account directly to Outlook, only if you don’t already have your [email protected] account in there. You cannot have two email accounts with the same address. To create a new profile see here (or Chloe can help if you’re in Bath, if you are in a Business Acceleration centre this will have to be done by your local support team)

In the short term, or at any time in the future from any machine, you can access your new mailbox via Outlook Web Access.

Q. When is this happening?

A. We switched early on Monday 1st April 2019.

Q: Will I lose email?

A. No. All users with a mailbox (via hestia/krystal) will have their email migrated before the switch. If you currently access your email via Gmail see below for further instructions. We would like all users to create a backup of their email on Monday morning. If you access email using Outlook please see instructions here

Q: How about Calendars and Contacts?

A: Calendars and Contacts will need to be imported into the new Office365 profile. You can restore your contacts from the pst file you’ve backed up. As well as exporting to a pst file please ensure you take a full backup of your Calendar. See this page for details It is very important that you change the default date range and ‘Detail’ otherwise you’ll export one day and it won’t show any details, just ‘Busy’.

Q: What about my signature?

A: You’ll have to add your signature back in when we’re on Office365. To add a new signature please follow these instructions.

Q. I want to keep managing my email in Gmail/other email client

A. All users in the Central Team, Business Acceleration Centres and the Scale-Up teams have been assigned a licence and therefore have a SETsquared mailbox. For better support we recommend you use your Office365 account either in Outlook if this is installed, or via Outlook Web Access. If you wish to forward your email to Gmail you can do so by following these instructions To configure Gmail to allow you to send from your address you will need to update the outgoing server settings to use port 587. Here are instructions on how to edit your server settings in Gmail

Q. Can I get my email on my mobile devices?

A. Depending on your licence, yes. You can add a new account and click Office365 when prompted for an account type and enter your username and password. You can also search the App Store or Play Store for more apps. More details for Android users can be found here

Q. What are the new incoming and outgoing server settings?

A. If you need to create/edit an account manually please use the following server details

Incoming: port 993
Outgoing: port 587

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