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One touch towards the future

One touch towards the future

A group of designers and developers are investigating, through a hands-on workshop, how the emerging field of UltraHaptics might be used in a creative context in the future.

The aim of the workshop, run by the University of Bristol and Pervasive Media Studio, is to better understand how creative practitioners and developers can work together in creating new and novel user experiences using a unique haptic system, technology which takes advantage of the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user.

UltraHaptics is a multi-point haptic feedback system that allows users to experience haptic feedback simultaneously in multiple locations. This feedback is created in mid-air – so users don’t have to touch or hold any device to experience it.

The use of ultrasonic vibrations is a new technique for delivering tactile sensations to the user. In essence, a series of ultrasonic transducers emit very high frequency sound waves. When all of the sound waves meet at the same location at the same time, they create sensations on a human’s skin.

Read the ful story on the University website


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