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Grow your business using data

BoomBoard gives you an instant overview of your business performance so you can uncover opportunities and make better decisions.


BoomBoard is the all-in-one instant business dashboard, specifically designed for tech start-ups, scale-ups, and their marketing teams.

Simply check your business performance like you check the weather!

Features – for that feeling when your business makes sense…Boom!

  • Sign up for FREE
  • Plug in your favourite tools – easily track the performance of your web, social, email, customers and finance
  • Work smarter not harder –  save time by having all of your data in one place
  • No previous experience required – connect your business tools without technical expertise or data analytics experience
  • Explore instant dashboards – so you can see what’s working and what isn’t
  • Get insights faster – improve conversion rates with reliable data insights, track your sales and marketing performance, reduce ineffective spend and increase ROI
  • Stay on track with helpful notifications and alerts – uncover new insights and simplify decisions with accurate data insights
  • Celebrate your successes with your team and key stakeholders – share insights easily and quickly and empower employees to make data-driven decisions

More information can be found at

BoomBoard is a SETsquared member.

Next Steps

Please note this partnership offer is only available to businesses supported by a SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre. Please contact Hugo Armitage for details on how to sign up to the BoomBoard deal. Please include your company name and which SETsquared centre you are affiliated to, and Hugo will be in touch.

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Please note: all offers are correct to the best of our knowledge. The final terms of the deal will be arranged between the SETsquared supported company and the provider. SETsquared will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies listed in any of the offers, please Contact Us to let us know if this deal is not as listed. Thank you.

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