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datapine is a Business Intelligence tool built for SMEs. SETsquared are delighted to have partnered with datapine to offer their solution to SETsquared supported companies.

One of the most important things for start-ups seed rounds and Series A funding is to show that entrepreneurs have “control” over their business.

In many early-stage startups management looks at their figures only once a month, possibly for investor reporting. At this stage, everybody is involved in day to day operations and often there are very limited resources for data analysis and preparation.

That’s why datapine was founded – datapine enables startups with little resources to easily explore, visualize and communicate their data. The lean but powerful web-based data analytics tool can be set up in less than ten minutes and requires no programming knowledge at all. This allows non-technical users to easily perform rigorous data analysis, build real-time dashboards via drag and drop and set up scheduled reports, all within minutes instead of hours.

The Offer

datapine was built together with several incubators, venture capital firms and many national and international startups. Since datapine has received huge support from the startup community during their first steps, they want to give something back. Therefore SETsquared supported companies will receive a 30% discount on all first year contracts including service and consultancy.

This means instead of the full price for the ‘Enterprise package’ of €599 pcm SETsquared supported companies will pay €419, and the ‘Professional package’ is reduced in year one from €249 to €169.

For more details see the datapine overview;  datapine_overview.pdf

Next Steps

Please note this partnership offer is only available to businesses supported by a SETsquared Business Acceleration Centre. Please contact Hugo Armitage for details on how to sign up to the datapine deal. Please include your company name and which SETsquared centre you are affiliated to, and Hugo will be in touch.

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Please note: all offers are correct to the best of our knowledge. The final terms of the deal will be arranged between the SETsquared supported company and the provider. SETsquared will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies listed in any of the offers, please Contact Us to let us know if this deal is not as listed. Thank you.

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