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NeonDrum is a targeted global online news release distribution and monitoring service for PR professionals.

NeonDrum’s mission is simple: to boost online visibility of your B2B press releases, drive quality traffic to your website, and get you seen, heard – and found – online by the people that matter.

NeonDrum delivers:

  • Maximum brand visibility – guaranteed online exposure for your news and messaging
  • SEO benefits – measurable boost in natural search engine rankings for your keywords
  • Quality coverage – targeted media and direct-to-customer communication

The offering for SETsquared supported companies:

There are two different services provided by NeonDrum, one for distributions with coverage reporting, and one for distributions without coverage reporting.

The pricing on offer for SETsquared supported companies is:

  • £127.50 with coverage reporting (list price is £295) per distribution.
  • £105.00 without coverage reporting (list price is £245) per distribution.

Next Steps

Please contact Hugo Armitage for details on how to sign up to the NeonDrum deal. Please include your company name and which SETsquared centre you are affiliated to, and Hugo will be in touch.

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Please note: all offers are correct to the best of our knowledge. The final terms of the deal will be arranged between the SETsquared supported company and the provider. SETsquared will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies listed in any of the offers, please Contact Us to let us know if this deal is not as listed. Thank you.

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