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A showcase of medical innovations from across the Globe

18 November
Online, from 13.00 – 15.00

Expand your professional network 

Gain support to take your business to the next level

Get feedback from experienced business professionals

Receive invaluable pitch practice training

Royal Academy of Engineering Leaders in Innovation

About Global MedTech Invest

Global MedTech Invest offers you the opportunity pitch for investment, collaborations and support for businesses.

Whether that be introductions to investors to help secure that pivotal early-stage investment, access to industry experts and seasoned mentors or prestigious accelerator programmes – this high-profile event will give you an opportunity to pitch to all of these audiences and make ‘money can’t buy’ contacts.

What’s more you’ll be brought together to expand your professional network, receive invaluable pitch practice training and be promoted to a large database of investors, commercial technology experts, funders and mentors.

If you are seeking investment, it must be in the range of £20k – £250k.

What you’ll get out of it

This is pitching event for early stage medical technologies, which will help participating founders prepare and deliver a compelling pitch to a mixed audience.

The event will give you the opportunity to access:

  • investors with a specific interest in early-stage ventures
  • accelerators and Incubators who are actively seeking early-stage ventures to apply to their programmes
  • a network of mentors and entrepreneurs
  • marketing opportunities to a large database of investors
  • promotion of your company both on social media and potential press

What are the next steps?

There is certain information we need to gather from you about your company so that we can represent you properly to our audience on the event webpage. Please provide us with this information by completing the form below.


Please also read:


Executive Summary One-Pager Guidance

Template one-page Exec Summary – Sales

Template one-page Exec Summary – MVP

Global MedTech Invest Company Information Form


  • Please make sure that the company name spelling is correct, and please indicate if it is a Limited Company by suffixing Ltd or Limited to the name
  • i.e are you a limited company?

  • The length should not exceed a single sided A4 page. If you are unsure, please read our guidance on creating an executive summary within the event outline
  • No more than 280 characters. Please also note that the one liner and one paragraph that you submitted in your Exhibition Requirement form will be used in all marketing materials.
  • Please also note that the one liner and one paragraph that you submitted in your Exhibition Requirement form will be used in all marketing materials.
  • What are you looking for? What is your ask?

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