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Allowing researchers to explore commercialisation and market discovery for their innovation


Inform and shape your future research

Undertake early customer discovery


Explore commercialisation routes

Find out about fast-track pathways for further support and funding

Gain insights into key markets

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About the programme

Funded by Innovate UK and delivered by SETsquared, Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) Discover is a dynamic online programme for researchers and academics to begin exploring commercial options for their research.

In just four days of learning (comprised of eight half-days online), it will introduce lean start-up methodology and Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas and value proposition tools to prepare researchers for the process of commercialisation.

ICURe Discover is the first step before undertaking the full ICURe Explore programme, which provides researchers with up to £35k of support over a 12-week journey to map out and present their innovation for onward investment.

Understand the differences between the ICURe Programmes

How does it work?

ICURe Discover enables the Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) to undertake eight weeks of part-time learning, made up of eight half-day briefings which are specifically created with the following aims in mind: 

  • understanding personal goals, purpose and aligning with your idea/innovation 
  • building your value proposition and developing your idea towards commercialisation 
  • mapping your eco-system and discovering real market opportunities through market testing 
  • understanding customers v users and features v benefits 
  • benefiting from peer learning and receiving expert feedback and guidance from the SETsquared team
  • time to explore future funding and support. 

The programme will culminate with a presentation where feedback will be offered from the SETsquared team, guest mentors and peers. 

In addition to the time spent in the briefings, it is expected the EL would spend the equivalent time working on their own validating their learnings and actions to evolve their understanding and gain market traction. 

Read our key dates and expectations to find out more.

Who should & shouldn’t apply?

ICURe Discover is open to Research Students and technicians (all disciplines) from all UK universities and PSRE (Public Sector Research Enterprises) who are starting to think about future commercial pathways.

We’re looking for projects that are at Technology Readiness Levels 2 – 3. It’s for researchers that are at the early stages of scanning the horizon of what might be possible in their career and are interested in how they can take more of a commercial market focus to their research. It will help take the project to Technology Readiness Level 7.

ICURe Discover is not for projects which are at Technology Readiness Levels 7 and above. If you’re already looking at options for spinning out, have developed a prototype and have a team in place – it’s too late stage for ICURe Discover.

For requirements, as well as key dates and expectations, please read the Guidance for Applicants.  

Entrepreneurial Leads are expected to attend all dates unless under exceptional circumstances. 

Before applying, we advise you to look at the application template to understand what information is required. 

For more information, contact [email protected] or call Thea Glasspool on 07557 179144. 

“Excellent, fulfilling and enjoyable”

Applications open

The application deadline is 19 April 2023.

Apply now

For more information, contact [email protected] or call Thea Glasspool on 07557 179144.

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