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Funding & business support opportunities for companies and researchers
developing solutions for next generation transport

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In recent years, the transport sector has begun to close the gap on other sectors with cutting-edge developments making new modes of transport a reality. These changes are already influencing passenger behaviours and creating new modes of travel with more people than ever before working remotely rather than travelling to offices. In the not too distant future, when people do need to travel they may be able to do so through the use of fully autonomous vehicles leading to the improvement of journey times, passenger comfort and safety, as well as safeguarding the environment.

In addition, exciting new developments in aviation are underway with significant transformative potential, driven by electrification, autonomy, and air space management technologies. Already we can see how quickly unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone technology is evolving with the rise of smart drones which feature built-in safeguards and compliance tech, smart accurate sensors, and self-monitoring that can provide new opportunities in transport, military, logistics, and commercial sectors.

At this pivotal time, our Scale-Up Programme has a range of opportunities for companies and academics innovating in the area of Next Generation Transport.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of SMEs through access to expertise at our six scale-up partner universities (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey) and helping raise public and private investment.


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The Scale-Up Programme is a partnership between:

Funding opportunities

We aim to take the pain and expense out of submitting collaborative R&D bids. Companies and researchers can apply for up to £15k of funded support as well as support to submit the most compelling bid to major funding calls.

The support can be used in a number of ways, including bringing in a professional pre-approved bid writer, in order to help you put together the best bid possible. We can also help link you to the considerable research expertise of our Scale-Up Partner Universities – Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey and provide opportunities to join consortia.

Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)

The APC funds propulsion technologies that will lead to a cleaner world. Specifically this encompasses technology capable of low and zero tailpipe emissions, or demonstrates a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, including motors, batteries, power electronics, hybridisation and alternative propulsion systems.

So if you’re working in this space and considering a bid to the APC for calls APC 15 and beyond – this is your opportunity to tap into some funding and support to prepare the most compelling bid possible.

To apply, please complete the form below.

Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) Programme

The ATI works in partnership with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Innovate UK to offer funding streams designed to accelerate innovation in the UK to maintain global competitiveness. The Strategic Programme offers four competitive funding batches per year. It is a comprehensive 2-stage assessment process suited to larger programmes typically accessing grants in excess of £1 million. To be eligible your project must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

We can help you develop a collaborate R&D for this Programme of funding. To apply, please complete the form below.

Upcoming events & workshops

Scale-up Innovation Workshop

18 March

Hands on and interactive, this fully-funded one-day programme, is designed for growing companies seeking to develop their products, services and innovations.

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FT Future of the Car Summit: Innovation Labs

12 & 13 May (application deadline: 9 March)

Showcase your automotive technology to the top players in the industry.  This is a unique, fully-funded opportunity will give you a platform to exhibit your technology and gain feedback directly from the most influential, decision makers from the automotive world. The package includes a free two-day pass to this event which would normally cost £2,000.

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Future of the Car Roundtable event

22 April

Join a select group of start-up founders, scale-up business leaders and academic experts to talk about how emerging technologies are going to change the automotive and transport markets in the next decade. This roundtable discussion will explore all areas that will disrupt and shape the future of the industry.

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Associate membership of the Scale Up programme is open to any company who meets the criteria and is free of charge. Full Membership will be offered to companies who access the CR&D proposal development support or investment raising support services. Full membership is subject to payment by the member company of a one-off fee and Membership is valid for one year. For the year 2019/20 the Membership Fee is £1,600 ex VAT. Any eligible company can waive the fee under the De Minimis State aid regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) NO 1470/2013) (DMR) providing they have not received in excess of 200,000EUR of aid within a 3 year period . This requires eligible companies to complete a Statement of Previous Aid declaration