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Scale-Up welcomed six innovative new companies in November

Scale-Up welcomed six innovative new companies in November

As businesses begin the wind down for Christmas, the Scale-Up team and its six latest members power on full steam ahead.

From smart garments to technically advanced transducers, let’s meet November’s newest scalers!


Adetexs Ltd

Adetexs provide smart garments and wearable electronic solutions for a number of fields, including medical, sport, military, and the automotive industry. Bringing microelectronics expertise to textiles production, Adetexs use its patented composite filament manufacturing process to offer its e-threads, hitting all key points of comfort, durability, and practicality whilst tapping into the e-textile world. Through involvement in Scale-Up, Adetexs is keen to engage with academics to explore future R&D opportunities and further advance its business development.



As a leading manufacturer of lightweight, sustainable materials, Omnia has delivered its 100% recyclable, thermoplastic sandwich panel to the composite market. Made from a blend of fused and bonded solutions, these panels are stronger and more impact resistant than some of their other rivals already on the market. But there’s one added bonus. Omnia’s panels are in certain cases, half the weight of those made from conventional, heavy-duty materials.


Rusty Design

Rusty Design offers bespoke engineering solutions and specialises in novel product design, innovation, rapid prototyping, and small-scale manufacturing services. As businesses moved towards more sustainable ways of operating, Rusty Design pivoted to develop its own sustainable 3D printing system. This technology is now used throughout their own product range and is also licensed externally to clients, but their aim is to also continue to develop and research additive manufacturing recycling methods, incorporating them into their business practices.


Field Reactors

The Field Reactor is an electromagnetic transducer which works as a propellant-less thruster, linear electric motor, and generator, producing directional resistance whilst harvesting energy from any moving system. Much like traditional electric motors, the technology produces force against a magnetic field, but the Field Reactor is built with a cloud of electrons in place of a coil, creating thrust along the axis. Field Reactors would like to develop a first-generation prototype to gain accurate data on its performance as both a thruster and a damper.


Oceanic Engineering

Oceanic Engineering offers electrical, technological, and mechanical consultancy services for a breadth of UK-based and international clients. But now, these engineering consultants are changing tack to explore new wind propulsion systems for ships. Embarking on a research journey, its work will incorporate marine and aviation decarbonisation technologies, robotic and autonomous vehicles, and composite materials, with help from academics and researchers too.



Developed over the past 10 years, Spearfish’s bespoke security services and tools enable companies and NGOs to reduce risk, respond to critical incidents, and meet Duty of Care and safeguarding standards to staff and contractors. Its early-stage innovation is a risk-alerting process, allowing clients to be informed in real time of any threats or potential security compromises. Through research, with support from the Scale-Up programme,  Spearfish will develop AI technologies which can be incorporated into its risk alerting platform.



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