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Dr Nick Gompertz

“Without SETsquared, and its Digital Business Accelerator Hub (at University of Bath), EarSwitch may not have evolved from its lonely bootstrapped start-up”

Nick Gompertz



EarSwitch, switching the way we interact with the world.

In-ear innovation, augmenting human to environment interactions, empowering new ways to control and connect with the world through in-ear biometric switch and sensor technology, with applications in both medical and interactive technology across the globe.


Top achievements:

  • NIHR i4i Product Development Award;  for a communication EarSwitch suitable for use in the NHS for those with neuro disabilities
  • Awarded UKRI Biomedical Catalyst grant
  • Patent granted and multiple international patents pending – ready to license our technologies over multiple sectors
  • Development of the EarSight (gamer’s EarSwitch); launching a rapid production of demo devices for potential partners by Q1 2023.

SETsquared is a partnership between

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