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Zara Nanu

“SETsquared was our second interview for an incubator, and I did not expect it to be any different than a job interview. We all thought we would have to pitch hard and fit into some expectation and framework. We were prepared to create an image of us that perhaps was not so much our true selves but a reflection of what we thought SETsquared would want to see. 

We could not have been further from the truth. The entire conversation was among equals, and it almost became a whiteboarding session about what our business could achieve and how it could grow. We could really feel that they “got us”, and that was when we knew it was a perfect fit.”

Zara Nanu

Developed  solutions and dashboards with intuitive insights for closing pay gaps, achieving equal pay and embracing diverse talent ecosystems.


Top 3 achievements:

  • Gapsquare was established to help close the gender pay gap. When they established the company in 2016, the World Economic Forum was predicting it will take 217 years for the gender pay gap to close. Globally the pay gap is at about 60%. In the UK, the pay gap is 18%. Since, they have expanded their capabilities to ensure companies pay their employee fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation
  • Over the years, Gapsquare customers have included the London Mayor’s Office, Met Police, Conde Nast, etc
  • The company grew organically until July 2021, when Gapsquare was acquired by XpertHR, part of RELX, a FTSE100 listed business. XpertHR retained the trusted Gapsquare brand, and continue to lead the business with the support of the XpertHR leadership team.

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