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Dr Chen Mao Davies

LatchAid- Chen Mao Davies play

“SETsquared membership has given me a huge amount of exposure, as well as the support and network to grow very fast. It’s been a real boost of confidence for me”

Dr Chen Mao Davies


An award-winning femtech startup using innovative 3D and AI to support women through their breastfeeding and motherhood journeys.


Top 3 achievements:

  • Supporting parents from 93 countries via partnerships with 12 NHS providers in 4 integrated care systems. Pilot studies show the product is doubling the exclusive breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks postmark compared with the national average
  • Closed a £1m seed run in April 2022 and secured £260K in grant funding from Innovate UK, EU, UnLtd and NHS Improvement Ltd
  • LatchAid has won four Innovate UK awards, including the Covid-19 fast response grant, and is a Top 5 Asian Stars in UK Tech startup.

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