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Denis Potemkin

“SETsquared has given us a wealth of resources and deep 1-on-1 business mentoring which has given us much clarity and focus in these last 6 months. It has been transformational.”

Denis Potemkin

A legal tech company that is solving the biggest problem in contracts: that nobody understands them. It’s the world’s first contract solution, bringing a new level of clarity to how you create, agree and manage contracts. It brings together document automation with the exciting area of legal design, meaning contracts that are on-brand, clearer and faster – reducing contracting cycles by 50-80% and boosting trust.


Top 3 achievements:

  • Received £150k angel funding 
  • Developed and delivered 15 legal design projects using Majoto, to a value of £150k
  • First direct customers secured

SETsquared is a partnership between

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