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James Vicary

“Membership of SETsquared has had a variety of benefits as our business has grown.  Early on in NuNano’s life, SETsquared’s business support helped lay the foundation of the company across a range of business functions, as well as helping my personal transition away from academia to become CEO.  More recently, SETsquared membership has helped us raise angel investment and secure R&D grant funding.”

James Vicary

NuNano manufactures probes for atomic force microscopy, enabling reliable characterisation of materials on the nanoscale.


Top 3 achievements:

  • NuNano’s products are used across a range of applications, from new battery technology to cancer research
  • NuNano has raised £1.3M of angel investment since 2017 to support both R&D and commercial scale-up activities
  • Grant funding from Innovate UK has supported core R&D and enabled new products to be brought to market.

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