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Remit Zero

Andy Slaney

“cylo® will change the way we heat our homes; affordable zero emission heat without compromise”

Andy Slaney


cylo® from Remit Zero is an emission-free replacement for domestic, gas and oil-fired boilers. Easy to install, run and maintain, it requires no building fabric upgrades, larger radiators or significant plumbing changes. Available from late 2022, it is the future of emission-free heat in our homes.



Top 3 achievements:

  • Remit Zero is based at Exeter Science Park and has a growing team, having recently employed new members of staff all of whom have graduated from Exeter University
  • Remit Zero has successfully secured a total of £266,000 of grant funding to help accelerate the scaling of its business from both Devon County Council’s Green Innovation Funding and East Devon District Council Innovation and Resilience Fund
  • Remit Zero’s modular thermal energy laboratory is now up and running at Exeter Science Park to trial and refine their cylo® zero emission heating solution.

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