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Mark Lippett

“SETsquared Bristol gave me the XMOS founding team a home in their early days and provided multiple things we needed to grow and succeed. Free and reduced cost access to expensive specialist tools that would have been difficult to afford in early days were vital.
SETsquared Bristol is a truly conducive environment to incubate a small business, especially notable is their network, which was massively valuable when we started out and and has continued to be of benefit as an alumni member.”

Mark Lippett

XMOS enables system on chip devices to be designed entirely in software for an increasingly fragmented IoT market


Top 3 achievements:

  • XMOS’s mission sees their intelligent IoT reducing pointless energy consumption, specifically related to smart devices being left on standby. Their human presence detection can help reduce pointless energy consumption
  • Since XMOS’s significant $20m equity investment in 2017 the business has been profitable
  • Won a number of awards for the company and products including CES Innovation Awards for products including XMOS tech, the RED Herring Award in 2013 & 2021 and Elektra Awards which they won in 2007 and shortlisted in 2021.

SETsquared is a partnership between

  • University of Bath
  • University of Southampton logo

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